Today I’m sharing an old poem of mine, one I wrote all the way back in 2016. Enjoy.

As shadows fade away and die
And stars sink down to rest,
Then caught, by every open eye,
Is sunrise’s splendid crest.
Upon horizons breezes stir
Blown in as if from sea
I know it, for I watch the sky,
And you watch next to me.

As red and pink and yellow spread
Across a growing blue
I watch you watching, just ahead
A world reborn, anew.
But rather than the blooming dawn
A thing to watch so fair,
I fix my eyes ahead upon
Your flowing auburn hair.

Your sea-green eyes turned to the sky,
The rising ring of flame.
Your laughter, and a joyous cry
As your lips form my name.
To bring you here and watch the sun
Was all I wished today –
To see the sky change, and to run
O’er the Earth as we may.

My favorite time of life, the rise
With you here by my side
To look into your shining eyes
And see the light inside…
Is all that I could ever wish
A gift I cannot earn,
Much like this swiftly-granted kiss
You give beneath sun’s

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